Each November – December, A New Beginning reaches out to the community and invites them to join us in sponsoring one or more families who may need some help over the holiday season and kick off host donation drives for specific programs to help children and families year round.   This year, we ask specifically for help with one single mother and her son, gift cards for the Peer Mentor program which supports the Foster-Adopt program and wish list items for the birth parent program.  Our community came together again!   Not only did A New Beginning’s extended family and supporting village make this family’s holiday a little merrier, your generosity spilled over to help at least 6 other families who needed a little extra love too, but also contributed over $500 in gift cards towards the Peer Mentor program and  as much in donations for the birth parent wish list.  It takes a village and A New Beginning is lucky to have such a supportive and giving community.  We’d like to say thank you to just a few of the many who help make it all happen!

Dozens of individuals made donations and contributions, thank you!  Also, thank you to Angie Pearl who led the donation drive a Valley Shepherd Church of the Nazarene and Keyara Wade who led her team at Better Homes & Garden Real Estate – 43 degrees North in their donation drive to help support the holiday family and birth mother program, Kim Schaefer who continuously provides beautiful and fun hospital bags for the birth mothers and our unnamed donor who donated baby blankets.