It is with a very grateful heart that A New Beginning thanks all of our donors, volunteers, business sponsors and individual sponsors each and every year for supporting the work of the organization.  We truly believe in building families through adoption and supporting the families, birth families and adoptees involved.  Thank you again, for a wonderful 2019!
We want to share a story about a recent experience we had at the office.  In early December, we received a call from a woman who found us in the phone book and called to tell us she had an interesting connection to us both professionally and personally.   In our discussion we initially joked around about our young receptionist asking about a “phonebook” and that people can actually “look us up in a book,” but also talked about the beauty and selflessness of adoption, family, the changes in the adoption process over time, the grief and loss the birth families go through and how much they love these sweet babies to sacrifice their own emotions and feelings to provide a different life for them.   Of course, we talked about the adoptive families who chose adoption either by choice or because it’s the way they need to build their family, but regardless, they love these children.  We both agreed, blood isn’t the only thing that can make us family.
Our caller wanted to know about A New Beginning’s services and was excited to hear about the support groups, the help for birth families and adoptees, the education for adoptive parents and medical professionals.  She was also thrilled that birth families have a choice to create an open adoption plan.  In the 50’s and 60’s, adoption plans were almost always completely closed.  Next she invited us into her home, as she wanted to meet us and present us with a donation.
At 10:30 am in the morning, we arrived and were greeted by one of the sweetest, most welcoming humans I have personally ever met.  She’d like to remain anonymous, which is hard for us.  Her spirit is precious, genuine and kind.  Her story includes a deep and very personal connection to each side of adoption.  It also includes the evolution of her relationships, experiences and thoughtful reflections of how adoption impacted her life and other’s lives.  She talked about what was wonderful, what wasn’t, the challenges, the triumphs, the lessons and the joy.  We only had an hour with her initially but hope it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship.    She gave A New Beginning Adoption Agency a very generous donation, but she also gave us much more.  Thank you!