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Foster-Adopt Discussion Panel

One of the most common question’s we are asked about the Foster-Adopt program is, “Is your program like a state’s Foster-Adopt program?”   It’s an excellent question.

The Answer:

No the program isn’t the same, but we are helping children in foster-care, just like the states.   A New Beginning’s Foster-Adopt program isn’t the same as a State’s Foster-Adopt program.  Families who adopt through A New Beginning’s Foster-Adopt program do NOT foster a child or children first. Instead, they are being matched with a child or children who currently live a foster home but are ready for a permanent family.   The parental rights of their birth families have already been terminated and they will not be reunified with their biological families.

A  State’s Foster-Adopt program is often a situation where you foster a child or children first and if they become available for adoption and not reunited with their biological family, the foster-family can submit a request to be considered as a permanent adoptive family to the child or children.

Both programs for children in foster-care are essential programs to care for vulnerable children in the United States.  There is a great need for adoptive families in A New Beginning’s Foster-Adopt program.  Tens of thousands of kids 8 years and older or part of a sibling group are waiting for their forever family, while they are in foster care.   Others, thousands others, need a temporary foster-home while their biological families recover, make changes and/or improvements so they can return home.

On February 11 from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at our Boise office – 8660 W. Emerald Street, Suite 142, Boise, Idaho, we have a Foster-Adopt Discussion Panel Scheduled and you are invited.   The Pendergrass Family, a recent family who adopted two teen boys who were featured on Wednesday’s Child and Nehemiah, who was also adopted as a teen out of foster-care will speak on a panel about their experiences as adoptees and going through the adoption process.   It’s an unfiltered conversation, as we think it’s important for families to see the real people involved in these very real situations.  It’s also the perfect opportunity to ask the questions you’ve wanted to ask and have adoption professionals available to talk about the process and get started.