Tips to help your immune system to stay healthy
by Dorothea Stark, Personal Trainer
  1. Eat plenty of veggies and fruit.   Veggies and fruit are high in fiber, antioxidants that help support your immune system as well as detoxify our bodies. Half your plate should be veggies.


  2. Eat lean meat sources, chicken, steak, fish, and eggs.
  3. Healthy fats, olive oil and olives, avocado oil and avocados, nuts and seeds are excellent sources of nutrition. 
  4. Water, water, water, at LEAST 8-8 ounce glasses and more if your sweating and working out.  A gallon is suggested if you can but I suggest at least 100 ounces per day.  Warm fluid helps reduce the stickiness of mucous so drinking tea, coffee, warm lemon water, bone broth and soups all help you get your water intake.  
  5. Exercise, even if your inside.  There are yoga videos, home based videos and walking during the day in the sunlight is amazing for our bodies and our mindset.  
  6. Prayer, meditation, quiet time.  However that looks for you its really critical to get self care right now.  Like workouts, Youtube has many meditations, workout videos and other great information.  
  7. Lastly, turn the news to a minimum, read personal growth books, do home projects, plan your goals and dreams after we get through these 21 days. 
  8. Finding healthy ways to manage stress and overwhelm is critical because if we are stressed and overwhelmed our resistance to fight viruses and bacterial infections lowers. 
  9. Consider this time for self reflection, eating healthy nutritious foods, moving gently and being grateful for your blessings.  

Dorothea L. Stark