Do I have to Foster children first before I adopt in the Foster-Adopt program at A New Beginning?

No.  A New Beginning’s Foster-Adopt program is the adoption of children who currently live in the foster care system and the rights of their biological parents have been involuntarily relinquished and they will not be reunited and/or placed with biological family members.  These vulnerable children are often 9 years of age or older and/or part of a sibling group and considered some of the most difficult children to place.

 Why are these children hard to place with adoptive families?

Age and/or being part of a sibling group.   A large percentage of families wishing to adopt are searching for newborns and toddlers.  It’s also important for families considering these older children to understand the children have suffered abuse, neglect and some type of trauma.   While these precious children are incredibly resilient, successful adoptive families have attended parent training, utilize community resources and continue the service plans for the adopted children.

 Can I adopt a teenager?

Absolutely!  The foster children ages 14-18 are the most vulnerable and at risk of aging out of the system without a forever family.   What is aging out of the system?  Children in foster-care stop receiving assistance at age 18 and are often sent into the world without a family, basic life skills and little to no money management skills.  The statistics are staggering.

  • Each year 20% of the children in foster care age out of the system. = Approximately 20,000 young adults start their lives with no family, no place to go, limited education, no sense of belonging every year.
  • Research has shown that those who leave care without being linked to forever families have a higher likelihood than youth in the general population to experience homelessness, unemployment and incarceration as adults.


Is there a common description of successful families?

No two adoptive families are the same however it is essential that the adoptive family is flexible attitude,  financially stable (not rich, just stable), willing to ask for help through community resources and respite care, and attend the parenting classes with an open mind.  Each child adopted through the Foster-Care system has a service plan in place and the adoptive family should plan to continue the plan.  It’s extremely important that the family who considers the Foster-Adopt program has reduced existing stress in their families BEFORE bringing their adopted children home.

My family desperately wants to adopt and the Foster-Adopt program is the only program we can afford.

We strongly discourage families to select the foster-adopt program because of the fee structure.  Keep in mind the fees are reduced because the child’s state is paying for many of the fees related to the adoption.    Adoptive families should stay true to what they want and feel would be a good fit in their family.

We want to foster a child.  Can we do that through A New Beginning’s Foster-Adopt program?

No, but you through Idaho’s Department of Health & Welfare.   They are actively searching for foster families.

I’d like to learn more about the Foster-Adopt program.

To learn more about the Foster-Adopt program, we encourage you to attend an Adoption Information Seminar which covers general information about several adoption programs.  The Seminars are listed on our website at

We also host Youth panels with teenagers who have been adopted from the foster-care system.   Visit the same link as above to view the next scheduled Foster-Adopt panel.

Want to meet some incredible teens who are now with their forever families?

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