“I never want someone to feel alone like I did.” ~Birth Mother

There is so much going on behind the scenes and this is too exciting not to share.   Most of you know the strength and courage a birth mother possess is unmatched.  What you might not know is what she continues to do after she’s made an adoption plan for her baby, went home from the hospital and readjust to her new “normal.”    Many of these brave ladies continue to support and mentor other pregnant women who haven’t decided on a plan or those who have.

Before Uncle Covid-19 entered the picture months ago, A New Beginning had planned an intensive Mentor Training for past birth mothers who wanted to continue building and growing in our existing program.  Eleven women applied to attend and in September it finally happened.  The day was A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!

The training was taught by Stephanie Pearl, LSW, Executive Director and Cara Walsh, BSW, Infant Program Coordinator with guest speaker Sally Guyer, MSW and Clinical Director. The 6 hour training included topics such as Understanding your true role as a mentor, Responsibilities of a mentor, the importance of self-care, Understanding how they can be their best self so they can continue to grow and help others.  In addition, each of the ladies completed the Strengths Finder survey  to identify their unique and individual strengths and how to better use those while mentoring.

Within the Birth Mother Mentor program, there are different roles in which the women can be part of.  One of the newest roles we’ve added is being available to connect with women who are pregnant earlier in their search for options.   Seven women agreed to do this.  They will be featured on our website with a picture and a quote and any women who is pregnant can reach out and request to talk to one of the birth mothers about their experience.  It’s brace, is compassionate and it’s selfless!  Jump over to the birth mother webpage and meet Lauren, Jami and Hannah.

A New Beginning will continue to cultivate programs and opportunities for the birth mothers to connect and build a unique community where they can share like experiences, continue healing and help others who are embarking on a similar journey.