You were all introduced to Baby J last month and her story spread by the thousands over social media.  We had dozens of families and other agencies reach out to consider her for adoption.  It takes a village and ANB’s is absolutely incredible!  Thank you for spreading the word.

“Mom, did they find a family for Baby J?” was a daily question from our Cradle Care family’s children, each day, one by one as they came home from school. They were very concerned another family might not know how to take care of Baby J and her special needs.   The love and care they have developed for this precious little girl is amazing.  After several weeks at their house, our cradle care mom had to break the news to her kids.  “The agency has found a family for Baby J and we should be excited.  She’ll have her forever family!”  Excited, they were not.  They were sad and had many questions about the adoptive family and their qualifications to provide her specialized care and love her so much.  That evening they took a family photo (Dad is behind the camera) to remember this special moment in time with Baby J.

“Who is the family?  What do we know about them?”, asked one of the children.  Mom replied, “I know she’ll have a large family with many siblings.  Siblings who have been adopted and some who are biological.  They will love her so much and are completely prepared to take care of her.  I know the family very well, it’s us!  We’ve decided to adopt Baby J!”  Can you imagine how excited the kids were and still are?

Last week, her adoptive family brought her by the office and we had a chance to visit with Baby J and even hold her.  She was doing well showing growth and continues to gain weight.  She is precious and has been blessed with a cradle care family who not only cherishes her, but also has experience with adoption and special needs!  Thank you to the families, agencies, attorneys and adoption consultants to saw her story and helped us search for a family for Baby J.  We had the pleasure of meeting and talking with dozens of wonderful families.