Why choose an adoption agency?

What are the benefits to Adoptive Parents using an Agency for your Adoption?

Birth families and adoptive families have options on how to complete their adoptions.  Some families choose an agency to represent them and guide them through the entire adoption journey (legal, training, process & paperwork, placement and post-placement and on-going support) while others may choose to work with just an attorney.  It’s your Adoption Plan so it’s your choice.

A  reputable adoption agency will provide birth families and adoptive families all the services necessary to complete their adoptions, including the legal representation, important parenting and adoption training, your very own adoption advocate who guides you through the paperwork, home study process, creating your adoptive parent profile, selecting a family or matching with a baby, selecting your level of openness in your adoption plan, support during the matching process or pregnancy, be present at the hospital to advocate for the birth family and another advocate for the adoptive family, provide a list of pre-qualified adoptive families from which to choose, and complete post-placement reports, family transitioning and adoption finalization.

Above all, A New Beginning’s complete staff of social workers, counselors, administration and board of directors are compassionate and have decades of adoption experience both personally and professionally.


“If you want an adoption agency that is committed to being your advocate every step of the process (for both the adoptive family and birth parent(s) ), then I recommend A New Beginning Adoption Agency.”  – Amanda Stadel

“I am a birth mother who placed with A New Beginning. I absolutely love them! They are comprised of an amazing, caring, understanding, and dedicated staff who accommodated my needs and the needs of my son’s adoptive parents. I would highly recommend them for any adoption related need.” – Ashley Perry

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