Why choose an adoption agency?

What are the benefits to Adoptive Parents using an Agency for your Adoption?

Birth families and adoptive families have options on how to complete their adoptions.  Some families choose an agency to represent them and guide them through the entire adoption journey (legal, training, process & paperwork, placement and post-placement and on-going support) while others may choose to work with just an attorney.  It’s your Adoption Plan so it’s your choice.

A  reputable adoption agency will provide birth families and adoptive families all the services necessary to complete their adoptions, including the legal representation, important parenting and adoption training, your very own adoption advocate who guides you through the paperwork, home study process, creating your adoptive parent profile, selecting a family or matching with a baby, selecting your level of openness in your adoption plan, support during the matching process or pregnancy, be present at the hospital to advocate for the birth family and another advocate for the adoptive family, provide a list of pre-qualified adoptive families from which to choose, and complete post-placement reports, family transitioning and adoption finalization.

Above all, A New Beginning’s complete staff of social workers, counselors, administration and board of directors are compassionate and have decades of adoption experience both personally and professionally.

We love ANB! We brought home our daughter in December and finalized her adoption in July. We had been in the waiting pool about 6 months when we were finally chosen by her birth mother. Kaitlyn was our case worker and did amazing. She listened and was always willing to answer our questions. When it was time to go meet our daughter Kaitlyn was out of town with another family working on a case. Amber was able to step in and did an incredible job. We felt like we could be honest and open and received the support needed throughout the process. Their pricing was also more fair in comparison to other agencies. Thank you for helping us find our little girl and creating a smooth process!
Hailey Paul
September 27, 2022.
A NEW BEGINNING is an amazing agency. The team is ethical, responsive, caring, compassionate -- and experts at what they do. We chose to work with ANB because of their philosophy about supporting birth parents. We stayed with them because they were incredible to work with at every turn. Our social worker, Kaitlyn, is an incredible human being -- attentive, responsive, kind, generous. She was always available and answered all my questions with patience. We researched so many other agencies and no other agency compares to ANB. From their fee structure to their staff, from their expertise to their ethical standards, from their support of birth parents to their support of adopted children -- the process is transparent and clear. Adopting is an emotional process filled with lots of waiting and mystery and feelings of helplessness. ANB is the best possible guide through that experience. They take good care of the families they work with. And they will be your champions for life -- and not just for you, but for your child and the child's birth family. We are beyond grateful to have worked with ANB to grow our family. We learned so much from them along the way. Thank you!
Sarah Sentilles
March 7, 2022.
We loved working with A New Beginning through our adoption process back in 2018. The training we received really prepared us for the rollercoaster ride that is adoption (we even attended training for our extended family)! After 18 months on the list, our son found us and we couldn't be happier! We continue to be involved in ANB because they are such a great organization and part of our son's birth story. Meeting other adoptive families has made our lives richer. Thank you ANB! We love you!
Adrienne Lane-Martin
March 4, 2022.
The staff at A New Beginning helped my husband and I all throughout the process of adopting a sweet new member of our family. I could not have asked for a better experience! They are really looking out for everyone involved in the process (birth family, adoptive family, child(ren), etc.) and have every person's best interests at heart. They shared so much knowledge about adoption, provided wonderful training about the process and about how to prepare for a new member of our family, and got us excited to add not only a little one to our family but a birth family as well. Our caseworker, Kaitlyn, was always available to answer questions or just lend an ear when we needed to talk. I appreciate A New Beginning so much and have personally recommended them to my friends looking into adoption.
Megan Hopfer
March 4, 2022.
A New Beginnings helped us with the adoptions of all three of our children. They have been amazing through the whole process. Now that our oldest is 8 he has joined their support group and has loved meeting other kids who are also adopted. They have been a great agency and have demonstrated true care and concern for all parties no matter where they are on their adoption journey.
March 4, 2022.
This agency is the best, and I truly mean that. My wife and I were able to adopt two teenage brothers that had been in foster care for over ten years! This is due to the hard work and dedication of every worker there. Adoption takes time, sometimes we as prospective parents don't want to hear that, but it's true. ANB is honest with prospective parents about the journey ahead and provide essential training from some amazing trainers. They utilize the parents that have adopted, and want to share their story, in training and seminars. They also have monthly support groups (at least for the older kids program that I'm a part of), and mom and dad's groups so they can help one another along the journey. The best part, after the adoption is finalized, the agency is still there for you. I'm forever grateful for A New Beginnings for helping my wife and I find our kids and for helping us become the family we are today.
Michael Pendergrass
March 4, 2022.

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