Hello and thank you for viewing our online profile!  We are Zach and Whitney along with our four-year-old son Mack.  We have been married for five years and live in north Idaho, which we like to call paradise.  We love hiking, camping, hanging out in our backyard, snowshoeing, rock hunting, and family movie nights.  We have two dogs, Olaf the labradoodle and Emmy the Aussielabradoodle.  Zach works as a carpenter and frames houses.  Whitney works part-time as a nurse at the local hospital.  When we both are working Whitney’s mom watches Mack.  Mack can’t wait to be a big brother.

We are unable to have additional biological children due to high-risk pregnancy conditions Whitney had with Mack.  We are so excited about adoption being a part of our story as a family.  We would love an open adoption, the more love our children can experience the better!  We are agreeable to any level of openness desired by the birth parent(s).

Top Ten Things to Know about Whitney

  • I am a Registered Nurse
  • I have one son, one sister, one brother, six nieces and one nephew.
  • I wanted to be a Veterinarian when I grew up.
  • I played college Volleyball
  • I get super excited when I wake up in the morning and know I can have coffee
  • I was voted biggest appetite, nicest, best personality, nicest smile, shyest, and friendliest in my senior class.
  • I would love to have a little farm with a milk cow, chickens, goats, horses and bees.
  • I would rather listen than talk.
  • It takes a lot to get me mad, but once I am mad it takes a while for me to cool off.
  • I wear leggings and sweatshirts/T-Shirts 99.9% of the time.Top Ten Things to Know about Zach
  • I’m part machine when I’m working.
  • I have more street smarts than book
  • I take stressful scenarios in stride
  • I feel like I have a sense of life and meaning deeper than most, leading to deeper appreciation for all things
  • I can probably out eat anybody you know, and I’m embarrassed about it
  • I’m an organ donor
  • My family looks up to me for wisdom, even my mom and dad
  • If I had a billion dollars, I would help a billion people
  • I can live without any form of technology
  • I’m a tough old school soul, unless you know me then I can cry.  Now I’m embarrassed again

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