Youth Advisory Board

Adopted teens have unique struggles. The Youth Advisory Board provides a safe place for friendships, leadership, life and coping skills development.

Now enrolling 2017-2018 Youth Advisory Board Members.   First meeting is September 26, 2017.   Want more information, Contact  Nehemiah at

Adoption is a journey filled with many emotions and experiences for the adoptees, adoptive families and the birth families.  A New Beginning established the Youth Advisory Board in 2015 to empower adopted teens and they’ve become incredible Youth Ambassadors for Adoption!   Pre-teen and teen adoptees are invited to this safe environment to be with other young people who’ve had similar experiences or have a better understanding of their issues.  Meeting twice per month, the youth board has already built strong bonds, become Ambassador for Adoption by speaking to families considering adoption, been introduced to career development by Junior Achievement, planned and implemented an annual Celebration for adopted kids in the Treasure Valley by hosting a Homecoming Dance.  There are ongoing lessons and activities developing communication and life skills, goal setting and achievement and creating a healthy identity.


Youth Advisory Panel Discussion

Teen Adoptee Community Service

Junior Achievement


Prom 2016 - The Young Men

Prom 2016 - The Young Women

Ambassadors for Adoption

The Youth Advisory Board has many important functions, however one of them is most important.  These brave teens talk to potential adoptive families about their personal experiences in foster care, the adoption process and what they can expect.  The discussion panels are UNFILTERED and powerful.   Many older children in the Foster-Adoption program now have homes because of the honesty of these children.

Sweet Cases – A Community Service Project

Did you know that foster children are given a trash bag for their personal items when they move from place to place?  The Youth Advisory Board worked with Sweet Cases, a non-profit organization, to secure more than a dozen travel bags to be given to the foster children we work with.  Each bag comes with a comforting blanket and teddy bear, still leaving them plenty of room to back their belongings.  The bag is theirs to keep.