Hi! We’re Tyler and Stacy. It’s nice to meet you! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

Tyler is from Montana and Stacy is native to Idaho. We met in Junior High in the Boise area and were friends for many years. We reconnected on social media in 2010 and have been inseparable ever since! We married in 2014 and are excited to grow our family beyond our fur and feather babies. Tyler is a Master Brewer at a local brewery and Stacy is a Registered Nurse and Educator at a local health system.

As a couple we love to spend time working in and about our home. We turned our front yard into 21 garden boxes a few years ago and spend a lot of time working the soil, planting seeds, watching things grow, and then taking the bounty and cooking up yummy things in the kitchen! Together we are always working on a project for the home, whether it is remodeling a room or quilting a blanket, we love to spend quality time together.

Stacy comes from a very big family who mostly live locally so we spend a fair amount of time with them having dinner or playing board games. Tyler’s family lives in Montana so at least once a year we spend a week or so with them at their cabin on Flathead Lake. They also visit us a few times a year, which is always fun.

You are such a brave individual and we admire the choice you are making. We appreciate you considering us in your decision.

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