We’re happy to virtually meet you. We are Tony and Christina. We’d like to thank you for taking the time to meet us and we’re happy to get to know you further.  Tony and I come from a loving, caring family and we look forward to creating that in the near future to our child. We are looking forward to this journey and are excited to grow our family. We have been together for 10 years and married now for almost 4 years. We have grown in so many ways in the time we have been together.  Our relationship is special in many ways. We have the same values which stem from our upbringing and education. We are high school sweethearts. Although we did go to different schools we met at a dance and have been dancing ever since.

Tony and I both work in our local university in Northern Idaho. We love spending time together, whether that’s hiking or watching Netflix on our couch with Chofiz our dog. We also love to travel. At times it’s a trip to Southern Idaho to visit family or for a family birthday party or times we go to Mexico to visit our extended family. We also are big into watching sports whether it’s Sunday Night Football or watching fútbol.

We can’t wait to have our familia grow. We hope to have chance to connect and get to know us a little. We are nervous, yet very excited to be able to have this opportunity. We want to thank you for your time and making this courageous and selfless decision.

Tony & Christina

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