We are a family of two grownups, one rowdy 4 year old, three bearded dogs and three cats  (one that is very, very fat), all living and enjoying life in a small mountain community here in Idaho.  Ross and I have been best friends for 20 years, married for four, and are ready to grow our little family of three into a family of four, or maybe even five! Here are some things to know about us.

  • Adoption has always been part of our plan to build our family. We have talked about adoption since being together and still feel strongly about it since our daughter’s birth.
  • Family means unconditional, non-judgmental love in our house.  We believe strongly in the importance of goodness and kindness, both within our family and towards other people.
  • Education is very important to us.  We will provide our daughter with the best education possible and will do the same should we be fortunate enough to add another child to our family.
  • Travel and seeing the world is important to us as well.  We see travel as both education and relaxation, and haven’t slowed down even after our daughter was born. She has been to the Bahamas, Baja, the Yucatan, California, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Carolina and more–all before her 4th birthday.
  • We spend the majority of our time outside.  Winter or summer, you will find us outdoors.  Like many Idahoans, we enjoy everything from camping and hiking to skiing and fishing.

We can tell you a lot more about us but this is what really matters: We are grateful to you for considering us as a loving, accepting family for your child.  Though we’ve never met, we are envious of your courage, so thank you for being uniquely you, for considering this parenting plan for your child and for considering us as family. Ross & Krista

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