We both grew up in Idaho, but on opposite ends of the state. Fate brought us together in Moscow in 2009, when were both attending the University of Idaho. We immediately connected over our love for the outdoors, movies, and football. We spent time getting to know each other while fishing, camping, and playing at the lake. We spent five years building a both fun and strong relationship, before saying “I do” in 2014. We spent the first year of our marriage focusing on each other and becoming more established in our careers. Riley works for HP as an Engineer, and I work as a Family Preservation Specialist at Family Connections.
We started our journey in 2015 to become parents. After two years, many doctors, and fertility treatment with no success – we re-evaluated our options for becoming parents. Luckily, neither of us was a stranger to adoption. Between the two of us, we share FIVE adopted siblings and cousins. Growing up in a family with adopted members meant that we knew that DNA was not what made a family. Therefore, we began our journey to adopt in 2017. After a year, fate worked its magic again – introducing us to a young couple in need of a loving home for a baby they were expecting. July 11, 2018 – our son Stryder was born and our lives were forever changed. This incredible, smart, loving, and happy baby was exactly who we had waited and fought so hard for. A gift from both God and his incredibly selfless birth parents.
We chose to have an open adoption, which allows us to stay connected with the people that gave us the greatest gift we could ask for. We are excited for Stryder to get to know his birth parents and learn about his diverse family and culture as he gets older. They say it takes a village – and we have the best one around! We are surrounded by a diverse group of family and friends that never cease to amaze us in their unconditional love and support. Stryder, and our future children, have family that spans generations, zip codes, and cultures. Whether by blood, or our fraternity/sorority sisters and brothers – aunts and uncles are abundant, and cousins are always available for a play date.
On any given weekend, we can be found with friends and family spending time at our family’s cabin, playing at the park, enjoying a game night, or hosting a BBQ. No matter where we are or what we’re doing – we are creating and cherishing memories – and Stryder is always the life of the party! We can’t wait to have many more adventures and hope that we can find birth parents that can be part of our new chapter in our lives.