Quincy Budell graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, with an emphasis in Public Health. Quincy became interested in adoption at a young age, watching her aunt and uncle adopt her cousins. She completed an internship at the agency helping connect birth parents and adoptive families to community resources.

In January 2017, she began working at the agency as the Wellness Center Coordinator, helping provide support to both adoptive families and birth parents. Since then, Quincy has been able to work in the Foster-Adopt Program and has assisted in the development of A New Beginning’s birth mother support program and surrogacy program. She is currently working in the infant program, providing support to adoptive families and helping birth parents navigate the process of making an adoption plan.

Originally from Boise, Quincy is happy to have the opportunity to help people in her community. Much of her free time is spent with family and friends and spoiling her dog, Arlo. She loves to travel and visits her friends in Arizona every chance she gets.