Why Choose an Agency?

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Why choose an adoption agency for your adoption plan?

Making an adoption plan for your baby is a big decision. It’s more than a legal transaction.  It’s an emotional journey.  Your adoption journey is a process of many emotions and choices. A New Beginning Adoption Agency provides free and confidential counseling throughout your experience by compassionate adoption professionals and licensed counselors and provides adoptive parent profiles of home study approved families.  The birth family has 100% choice in selection and the process.

By selecting an adoption agency to help you through your unplanned pregnancy, you’ll receive all of the help and resources needed in your situation including an attorney to complete the legal requirements, receive financial assistance, medical assistance, living expenses, food expenses, transportation to and from appointments (if needed), counseling during and after your pregnancy as long as you need.

A New Beginning’s adoption professionals are compassionate and have decades of personal and professional experience.  They completely understand the emotional journey of an adoption plan.  Each will guide you every step of the way.

Meet A New Beginning’s Adoption Specialists.

A New Beginning will provide

  • Options Counseling
  • Attorney
  • An Adoption Specialists to assist throughout the adoption process
  • Support during the family match process
  • Mentor
  • Transportation to and from doctor’s appointments
  • Living expenses
  • Financial assistance
  •  Medical assistance
  • Assistance creating and maintaining Openness/Relationship Agreement between adoptive parents and birth parents
  • Help creating a hospital plan
  • Guidance when choosing an adoptive family for your baby
  • Support at the hospital during delivery, placement and discharge
  • Mediator for post placement visits and/or exchange of pictures with the adoptive family
  • Post-Adoption Counseling
  • Support at discharge with paperwork and collecting of necessary documents for your child
  • Assistance with communication with adoptive family
  • Monthly support group – Connections, it’s a girl thing