Most importantly, thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile!  The life decisions you are having to make right now are courageous, brave, and self-less; and we can only hope these next few paragraphs can give you a genuine insight into who we are as human beings and a family.  We are Nikki and Kayla.  Our relationship can be summed up in one word: Fairytale!  It sounds cheesy and unreal, but it’s the best interpretation of our love.  We live a real life romantic movie every single day!

If we could spend every waking second together we would, but there is this thing we call work. Even though to us it’s not work at all.  Nikki owns a Barber College and a Salon!  Her passion though runs deeper than just wrapping a couple of strands of hair in a foil.  One good hair appointment can literally change a woman’s entire day, it can make the difference in their life, and can give them the confidence they’ve always needed.  Nikki isn’t just a hairdresser to her clients… she truly is their friend!  I (Kayla) own a Doggie Daycare and Boarding Facility!  Every day I literally get to play with dogs all day long.  Dogs truly are the role model for being alive in my opinion.  They love unconditionally, they never keep score and are full of forgiveness, and they make every day the best day of their lives!  How wonderful would this world be if human beings could live like our canine friends?!  Lastly, together Nikki and I own a non-profit Dog Rescue.  We open our hearts up to dogs who are at risk of being euthanized.  For many we are the life saving stepping stone that gets them into the forever home they deserve!

We have so much love and passion in our life; it will be a privilege to be able to share it with a child.  You matter, you are a blessing, and we look forward to meeting you!

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