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We are Brianna and Nate and we have been married for five years and together for eight years. We have a 19-year old daughter, Noelle, who we adopted when she was 14 and a biological daughter, Lucille, who is a toddler, so all together we are an active, close knit, supportive, faithful family of four. Noelle now attends a college three hours away from us. Although adding Noelle to our family was a surprise, and required a quick learning curve as we became parents to a teenager essentially overnight, her presence in our lives continues to be one of our most treasured experiences. Although we had tried to have a biological child, we had accepted the fact it was not meant to be, so when we became pregnant with Lucille we were quite surprised.

Now, that we have one adopted daughter and one biological daughter, we feel strongly about only growing our family further through adoption. We are committed to providing a home environment that helps our future child see their adoption as a special and an immensely positive aspect of their life, just as our oldest daughter views her adoption. We will help them feel that way by openly talking about their adoption, sharing loving information about you, ensuring they interact with other adopted children, and raising them in a supportive, loving home full of extended family members who will all reinforce how special their adoption is.

How We Met

We met in Mexico on a college study-abroad trip in 2009 and knew pretty quickly that our relationship was the real deal. When we first started dating, Nate would go to some of Brianna’s classes just to have a chance to talk with her. He “pretended” that he needed to be in the classes because he was a teaching assistant, but he really ended up spending most of the class just slipping Brianna silly notes. Ultimately, we connected over our zest for adventure, strong relationships with our families, faith, and our passion to find the positives in life wherever we can. We often spend weeknights just cooking together as we catch  up about our days. Then, on weekends, we love just spending time with friends or family, doing something outdoors, eating delicious food, and just enjoying our time together. We work hard, but we enjoy the simple things in life and try not to take ourselves too seriously.

We are a family full of love, support, and adventure that believes the best moments are spent together. We can’t wait to have another child join our family to enjoy these moments with them. Thank you for taking some time to learn about our family.


Brianna and Nate

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