Hello! Thank you for looking at our profile. We are Coral and Morgan and we’ve been together for about 12 years. We met on Myspace (if you can believe it!) when we were living in different places. Coral grew up on Saipan, a Pacific island near Guam, and Morgan grew up in Florida. Coral has roots in Idaho and chose to move here to attend college at Boise State University, where she graduated from in 2012. Morgan moved to Idaho to be with Coral, and he graduated from Utah Valley University in 2010. Coral works at a local hospital in administration and Morgan is in the Army National Guard, and is a Blackhawk helicopter pilot.  We both love our careers. We have two cats; Charlie and Hoshi. Charlie is our big old guy and Hoshi is our little cat. They provide a lot of entertainment and snuggles.


Our favorite hobbies include traveling, gardening, spending time with family, watching movies, going on bike rides, hiking, and flying (Morgan is a pilot). We look forward to sharing these hobbies and so much more with a child one day. We hope to raise our child with love, compassion, empathy, honor, and a sense of wonder for the world around them. We look forward to all of it; the late nights, the questions, the cuddles, the growing pains, the giggles and the tears.


We are so excited about starting our family through adoption. We tried for many years to conceive and even did fertility treatment, but after three miscarriages we decided we were always meant to adopt our child.  If chosen to be parents, we know it will be the greatest adventure of our lives and we admire you so much for choosing this path as well.  Our families are very supportive and excited about our plans to welcome a child and birth family into our lives. Thank you for reading about us and we hope that you consider us as adoptive parents.



Morgan & Coral

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