A New Beginning is blessed every single day with hopeful families, brave birth families and adoptees.  On special days, little angels come our way and need a little extra tender loving care.   Baby “J” is our most recent little angel.  She’s currently with a very caring and loving cradle care family who sends frequent reports about her progress.   Our cradle care family is a lot like a foster-family but through our private agency.  Just this weekend, we got to see a picture of her sweet little smile.

We are still searching for an adoptive family for her.  Baby J was born in February and spent some time in NICU, and since has made some amazing gains.  At birth, she was diagnosed with Pontocerebella Hypoplasia (PCH Type 2), a rare genetic neurological condition which affects the brain’s development.   Baby J was unable to tolerate normal feeding from the beginning and a G-tube has been surgically inserted and she is feeding much better and gaining on the growth chart.  It’s uncertain if the G-tube will be permanent.

We are searching for an adoptive family who is home study ready, nearly home study ready and/or has previous adoption experience to adopt little Baby J.  Families must be open to and aware of her special needs and willing to have a semi-open relationship with her birth mother.   As families consider adopting Baby “J,” please take a moment to follow the link related to her PCH, Type 2 diagnosis.

The response to Baby “J” has been amazing!  Thank you so much.  We do currently have her in cradle care which is just like a foster-family, but done so privately. She will remain with them until we find a permanent adoptive family for her.  Baby “J’s” cradle care family is so wonderful for her.   We will continue to update our loving and caring community on her progress.

If you are interested in more information, please contact cara@adoptanewbeginning.org.