Lendl & Denise

Hello! We’re Lendl, Denise, Peggy Jean, and Christian. Thanks for taking time to get to know us. We’re excited about the possibility of joining you in loving your baby. We’ve been praying for you, and hope to meet you soon!

We met and married in Idaho, and have enjoyed the best five years of our lives together. From day one we’d hoped to have a large family of both biological and adopted kids, but God’s plan for us so far has been to only grow our family through adoption, due to infertility. We adopted both of our children from birth and cannot imagine our lives without them! We enjoy visiting and regularly e-mailing our childrens’ Birth Parents and extended families as a way for Peggy Jean and Christian to experience even more love and get to know their heritage. Our hope is that you will be interested in a similar open relationship with us in loving you, your family, and your baby.

Lendl works as a manager at a tech company, and Denise describes him as gentle, serving, and joyful. Denise worked as a Nurse for three years before staying home full-time to care for our kids. Lendl describes Denise as spunky, friendly, organized, and amazing with kids. Peggy Jean loves reading books, and is affectionate, shy, and peppy. Christian is passionate about trucks and food, and is social, active, and adventurous. As a family, we enjoy spending time with friends and family in the area, especially if it involves meeting at a park! We’re pretty active, and enjoy taking walks, riding bikes, camping, hot-dog roasts in our back yard, and pretty much anything else outdoors.

We can’t begin to imagine how overwhelming the decision to make an adoption plan must be for you. We’re confident your baby will know how much you love them through the sacrifices you’ve made to give them life and prepare for their future. We hope you’ll consider us as a family who will love, pray for, and guide your child throughout their life. We want you to know that we’re praying for you as you walk this path for your precious child.

Lendl, Denise, Peggy Jean, and Christian

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