Hi!! We are Kody and Amanda. We are so excited to share our family with you. Adoption was always in our hearts, and we are excited for the future.

We have been married for 15 years. We met in college and after a whirlwind romance, got married. We love each other, we love family, and we love nature. Together we have 3 kids, 1 boy and two princesses. Amanda was told before marriage she would never have children, but after almost 5 years we received our fist miracle with our son. Each baby following passed greater risks for Amanda, until after baby #3 she had to be sterilized and undergo major reparative surgery. After the surgeries, we decided our family was not done and started looking at adoption again. We have so much love to share, and look to adopt to complete our family.

Little about our family:

  • Kody is an avid outdoorsman, sportsman, and main consumer of Amanda’s homemade bread. He also enjoys making art or at least when he can. He is very patient and has a big heart for his kids. Family is always a priority.
  • Amanda is a fantastic cook and loves science and introducing her kids to the amazing things that make-up our world. She collects crafts she never does but tries hard. She always looks for opportunities to serve those around her. She helps anyone she can at work, community, and church.
  • Our son thinks he knows everything… He just might. He loves documentaries, museums, and science. Legos are the source of power…. Minecraft might take over the world.
  • Our first daughter has had a lot of health battles. We have done all we could for her. 5 surgeries later and years of therapy, she is doing great. She loves nurturing others and has a soft kind heart. She can sing most princess songs and wants to love everyone. Her brother wishes for a little less love some times.
  • Our youngest is our extreme child. She is supper little, supper petite, and supper energized. She will problem solve any situation to her advantage. She creates things out of anything she finds. Boxes becomes spaceships and limes are turned into lions. She has an imagination that never stops, and has put colored tape on almost everything we own.
  • We have 2 dogs. Dogs become their names. Trixie is a trickster. Timber crashes through the house like a falling tree. Both are trained and love kids. We won’t talk about chickens….

As a family we pray for someone to see our family and help us find our missing part.

Kody & Amanda


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