Hi!  Thank you for taking the time to learn about our little family.  We are Suzanne and Katie.  We have been together for eleven years (married for five years) and have a two year old son, Jacob, who we adopted from foster care.   We were both born and raised in the Los Angeles area but chose to move to Boise in 2017 so we could enjoy the small town atmosphere and take advantage of the beautiful outdoors (and the awesome coffee).

We both have Master’s Degrees in Education and have worked in schools for over ten years.  Suzanne as a high school assistant principal and Katie as a middle school English teacher.  We both love working in education and helping kids.  Our backgrounds have helped us a great deal in our careers- Suzanne was a brainiac in high school and Katie struggled with everything from math to home economics!  Together we totally seem to get where all of our students are coming from.

As a same sex couple, adoption was always in our plan.  We both come from large, amazing and very supportive families who have supported our adoption journey since day one.  We chose to adopt through foster care in Los Angeles because we knew that there were so many kids who needed a couple of good moms.  It was a struggle but we wouldn’t change a thing.

Being in education allows us a lot of time to spend together as a family doing what we enjoy- going camping, hiking or on road trips.  Our house is full of laughter, music (coupled with Katie and Jacob’s dance parties), family and friends, two very adorable dogs and a lot of love.  That is what life is all about for us really.

We both have so much respect and admiration for the brave decision you are facing.  Thank you again for taking the time to consider us in the process.

Katie & Suzanne

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