Thank you for looking at our profile. Although we haven’t met, you have been in our prayers daily.  We know you are facing important decisions and we want you to know we admire your strength and courage in considering adoption.  It is our most sincere desire that you will find the right family for your precious little one.

We are Jordan and Cheyanne and have been married for almost 14 years. We have been blessed with four children, Hali (age 12), Thayn (age 11), Reif (age 9), & Annie (age 6). They are super excited about the possibility of a new baby brother or sister. A few years ago, Cheyanne had complications with surgery, making future pregnancies high risk and unlikely. We have felt strong impressions that another child is missing from our family, and know that adoption is our answer.

Our family loves to spend time playing in the yard, riding bikes, floating the river, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows in the backyard, hiking, camping, making homemade Italian Sodas, and working together.

Jordan enjoys being a family doctor in our small town where he gets to care for young and old and even deliver babies. Cheyanne loves being home with the kids full time. She can also be found volunteering at the school or other community events. We love to be on the sidelines of the soccer field, basketball court, volleyball court, or music recital cheering for our kids.

It is our prayer, that you will be led to the right decision for you and your baby. We have complete faith that God knows you and has a plan for all of us.


Cheyanne & Jordan

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