We are Joe and Jessica and our son Wesley and we LOVE living in Boise.  We live in a downtown condo and appreciate this lifestyle because we don’t have yard-work so there is more time for all the things we enjoy – walking or riding our bicycles to get ice cream, adventuring in the mountains or fishing and picnicking at one of the many parks near our home.

Joe is a licensed architect who works as a commercial plans examiner (issuing permits for new construction projects).  Jessica loves how task oriented he is, how he enjoys to cook and how deeply he cares for and pays attention to the needs of his family.  Jessica is a part-time adult-gerontology (older people) nurse practitioner who takes care of people who live in senior living facilities.  She is also a part-time stay at home mom and enjoys going to the library, swimming pool and park with our son as often as she can.  Joe loves her beautiful smile and the love that she has for all people.  Wesley is one year old and wonderfully silly, busy and inquisitive.  He will be a wonderful big-brother and playmate.  During his bedtime prayers we frequently pray for his future brother or sister and their birth family.

We thank you for taking the time to learn a little about our family.  Please know we hold deep respect and admiration for you as you discern a parenting plan for your child.  May God bless you on your journey.


Joe and Jessica

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