Thank you for reading this profile. We think that you are very courageous to choose to make an adoption plan. We think about who might be reading this and we are praying for you. 

We met in college and we got married shortly after that. We have always prioritized our time together and enjoy going on dates. We are always talking about what’s going on in our life and what’s coming next. We like going on walks together and in the summer we like to go camping. We have family that live nearby us so we like to visit and spend time with them as well. 

We are not able to have biological children so God has lead us to make an adoption plan. We adopted our daughter Epiphany several years ago and we have been very thankful for her. We have a good relationship with her birth parents and we try to see them once a year as they are able. We are open to being part of another open adoption. 

Epiphany likes to read and write and she loves the chickens that our neighbor has. She is also very good at board games like Uno and Junior Monopoly. She is excited to be a big sister. Epiphany attends a ballet class and a singing class. 

Jesse works as a teacher for an online high school. He loves teaching his students. He has been teaching for over ten years. He works from home so he gets to be near the family during the day. A couple of years ago he was able to travel to Germany with his some of his students and few other teachers. He also does some creative writing on the side and hopes to publish some of his work in the future. 

Kate is a stay at home mom and she has also worked as a part time wedding coordinator. She grew up in the country and she loves being outdoors. She has a vegetable garden that she loves to tend and we eat fresh lettuce, basil, and tomatoes from it. Last summer, she grew flowers as well and she really enjoyed picking them for our home. She educates Epiphany at home doing math and reading together. Kate is a great teacher. Epiphany also attends a home school co-op on Fridays. She loves being part of a class. 

We have family that live near us so we try to see them regularly. Epiphany also enjoys playing with cousins. She has several on each side. Our extended family is supportive of us in this adoption plan and we are thankful because family is important to us. 

Thank you for reading about us. We would be happy to meet you so you can get to know us more. We are praying for you and your precious child.  


Jesse, Kate, and Epiphany 



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