We are so excited to welcome a child into our family!  We have always considered adoption as a way to grow our family and are now in the perfect place in life to take that step.  We have been together for sixteen years and married for ten.  We’ve learned to navigate life’s ups and downs as a team, always there for each other no matter what.  We will be a great parenting team and will provide the love and support all parents want for their child.  If our dog could talk she would say the same thing.


A large focus of our lives is being outdoors.  The natural world has given us both a place to reflect, spend time together, exercise, and have adventures.  We look forward to sharing this with our child.  We chose to live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for its vast natural surroundings and close-knit community.  Watching our friends’ kids grow up here has reinforced what a wonderful place Jackson is to have a family.  


We don’t want to pretend to know what your situation is or what you need, but we hope you have support during this time.  The one bit of consolation we hope to offer is that we will provide a loving and nurturing home if you choose us to parent your child.


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