Hi! We are Jake and Erin. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better!  We met back in college while Jake was studying biology and Erin was in nursing school.  We share a love for outdoor recreation and quickly bonded eating pudding during late-night study dates in the science lab.  Erin is a nurturer, extremely caring and selfless.  Jake is easy going, hard-working, and always puts his family first.  We have been married for 12 wonderful years and are blessed with 2 beautiful children.  Ayvri is our fun-loving 11-year old.  She is outgoing, energetic, and keeps us on our toes.  Paxton is our sweet, loving 6-year old who is always thinking of others and enjoys learning new things.  We love the energy, laughter, and love that they bring into our lives daily.  We are so excited to grow our family through adoption!


Jake loves his career as a fish biologist conserving and enhancing fish populations in the Snake River.  His job is low stress and offers a great balance between work and family life.  After spending 3 years as a pediatric RN, Erin now enjoys her role as a stay at home mom.  Both our schedules allow us to volunteer in our kid’s classrooms at school, be there for homework, sports and recitals, sick day snuggles, play time, and vacations!


As a family we enjoy exploring new places together; camping, hiking, fishing, etc…. We also love family movie night, backyard campfires with s’mores, playing board/card games, riding bikes, going to the park, and Disneyland when each of our kids turn 5.  We can’t wait to share all these things with a new little one!  We are raising our children to be open-minded, hard-working, respectful, and empathetic to others.  Our goal is to continuously provide support, offer opportunities, and always encourage them through all of life’s ups and downs!


No matter the circumstances that brought you to where you are today, we are ready to welcome you and your precious baby with open loving arms.  We are open to any level of openness you desire, and your name will be spoken in our home with love and respect.  We admire your strength and courage as you consider making an adoption plan for your child.  We will be praying for you throughout this journey and hope we get the chance to meet you someday!


All our love, Jake, Erin, Ayvri, and Paxton



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