Hi! We’re Jacob, Chelsea, Enzo and Cyrus.  We have been married 14 years and can’t imagine going through the ups and downs of life without each other.  We both come from large families and love spending time together doing just about anything.  Chelsea took up Fantasy football several years ago so she could spend more time with Jake during the football season and Jake watches more TV than he might otherwise to increase his time spent with Chelsea. We also enjoy working out together, hiking, traveling and playing games as a family.

Enzo joined our family through adoption in 2013 and Cyrus joined our family through adoption exactly 3 years later on Enzo’s third birthday.  We have enjoyed open adoptions with both their birth families, which means they have a REALLY big birthday together every ear.  Enzo will tell anyone who asks is that his favorite thing about being adopted is having so many grandparents.  Enzo is a great big brother and Cyrus is looking forward to being a big brother.

Our journey through adoption with both boys has taught us more about unconditional love than we could have imagined.  While neither of us were Grinches before we adopted we can certainly relate to the feelings the Grinch felt when his heart grew three sizes overnight as that is what adoption has done to our hearts.  We are looking forward to having our hearts grow even more.

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