adopting parents
adopting parents
adopting parents

Your baby is home, congratulations!

Hi!  We’re Jacob and Sarina, thank you so much for taking a minute to see who we are.  We are so impressed that you are considering an adoption plan and want you to know how beautiful you are to us.  Thank you for taking the time to explore how wonderful a place adoption has in the world.

We found out this past summer that for us having a child biologically isn’t a very likely option even with assistance from doctors. It’s been a hard few years but we’d like to share with you how grateful we’ve been for the absolute calm and full feeling of love we’ve had since we decided that we wanted to adopt.  We truly thought we’d be feeling mostly loss as we started this journey but we can tell you the main thing we’ve felt so far is love. We know that we are going to be great parents and while our story might look different than someone else’s story, Sarina’s inability to biologically have a child won’t have any affect on the amount of love we have to share.  We’re so excited to share that love and I hope that we can together find the best, most loving, plan possible.
Both of us really love to be in the outdoors, we love to camp, ski, hike, swim, and pretty much anything else as long as it happens outside.  We love that we live here in Idaho where our backyard is a playground of beautiful places to see.  It’s so exciting to know that someday we’ll be able to take children with us on weekend adventures.  Also our house is on an acre and we get to have a huge garden every year.  Jacob is the reason we call our place The Mini Farm, he’s got a green thumb and loves growing and creating things.  He’s also very excited about getting animals once we have a good area set up to keep them in.
Jacob is the kind of guy who likes to work with his hands, so he’s chosen to work in maintenance at a local food processing plant and Sarina currently runs the front end of a dental office.  She’s excited for the baby and plans on taking her schedule to part time once baby arrives.
We’re hoping to find someone to share an open adoption with, we love the idea of sharing pictures and letters freely.  We’re excited to find the best situation for everyone involved, especially baby.
We’re so excited!  Thank you again for taking your time to read our note.

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