Frequently Asked Questions - Infant & Toddler Adoption

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about infant and toddler adoptions in Idaho.  If you are unable to find the answers to your questions, please call us at 208-939-3865If you are a parent considering adoption, call our 24/7 Hotline at 208-985-5617.

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Can I make an adoption plan for my toddler?
Yes.  It is never too late to make an adoption plan.  We are here to answer your questions and talk about your options as well as discuss resources that may be available to you.  You have lots of choices and we are here to help.  Help line text or call 208-985-5617.
I have been parenting my baby for the past few months. Is it too late to make an adoption plan?
It is not too late.  Sometimes circumstances change and biological parents have to make difficult decisions.  We often hear that the support that was promised when baby was born, has not been offered.  Sometimes the home is no longer safe for a baby.  Or sometimes biological parents realize they do not have what they need at this time to be the parent(s) the want to be for their baby.  Whatever the reason, we are here to help and guide you to the decision you feel is best for your baby.
Are there parents that want to adopt toddlers or older babies?
Yes! In fact, there are families that would prefer to adopt a little older baby or toddler than adopt a newborn.  We receive calls from prospective adoptive parents all the time that would like to adopt older than a newborn.
Why do biological parents make adoption plans for older babies and toddlers?

There are several reasons.  These reasons may include:  risk of child being removed and put into foster care, domestic violence, drug use, child’s safety, ongoing lack of resources, or other factors that are making parenting difficult.  

What support will I receive as I consider making an adoption plan or continuing to parent my child?

We have a team of experienced professionals here to help.  Our options counselor can help you identify your support system, assess resources that may be helpful if you continue parenting, and a mentor who has placed her infant and toddler.   

What support will I receive during the adoption process?

You are completely in control during the process and will have several decisions and choices to make.  You will have the opportunity to choose an adoptive family and can interview prospective families as well as get to know them.  We want you to feel completely confident and comfortable with the family you choose.  We will help you make a relationship/contact agreement with the adoptive family.  Finally, we will help with transitioning your child into his/her adoptive family.  

What support will I receive after I place my child with an adoptive family

We are here for you long after the adoption.  We have a Licensed Counselor, Mentors, a Support group, and annual activities for birth and biological parents.  

How do I know the parents I will choose are the right parents?
We are consistently working with adoptive parents and other agencies and maintain detailed adoptive parent profiles (online and printed). Each of their profiles provide detailed information including their background, ages, ethnic background, religious affiliation if any, photographs and their philosophy on child rearing and why they selected adoption as a way to grow their family. The parents are thoroughly evaluated and interviewed during the application and home study processes. Each family will have criminal background checks and at least 12 hours of face to face specialized parenting training with additional independent instruction. Biological parents are welcome (but not required) to meet and interview adoptive families and A New Beginning will mediate  the meeting.  Every biological parent has her or his own way of handling the adoption process. We will help you decide on how best to meet and choose the right parents for your child.
What if I want an open adoption?
It’s your adoption plan.  You choose how open, semi-open or closed you’d like the relationship to be between you and the adoptive family.  The level of openness helps define the relationship you’ll continue to have with your child and adoptive parents.  There are many variations of open adoptions ranging from ongoing relationships to more limited contact or communication.   It’s your adoption plan, so if you decide you want to explore open adoption, we’ll help you select profiles of adoptive families who are considering open adoption.  A New Beginning will assist in mediating the relationship/openness agreement between the birth family and the adoptive family for as long as needed.  


If I choose a closed adoption, will I be able to find my child when they become an adult, or can they find me?
Possibly. Idaho and many other states maintain statewide adoption registries.  In Idaho it’s called the Idaho Voluntary Adoption Registry which provides contact information about all persons connected to the adoption. As long as each party consents to have their information available, contact can be made once your child turns 18.