Hello! We are Greg and McKenna, and we admire you and your courage for making this difficult decision in your life. We also appreciate giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you just a little bit. We met in college at a “hacky sack” club of all things! Greg is proud to admit that he was the founding president of the club, and believes that it must have been his “hacky skills” that helped him find his bride! Between hacky sack, bowling, lots of fishing, and many dates spent outdoors, a loving bond and family was formed. We were married in 2011 and have spent almost 9 years growing our family and experiencing this beautiful life together!

We both share a love for medicine and healthcare, which guided our study and ultimately our career paths as well. McKenna is an licensed practical nurse and loves her job working in a physician’s clinic here in our small town, and Greg became a physical therapist, which is something he wanted ever since he was little. We both come from small communities in Utah and grew up in and around farming. We are very happy to be living in Idaho, and absolutely love the small, beautiful community we call home in Southeastern Idaho!

We have been blessed with two little girls, Della Mae and Violet. They bring us great joy and enrich our lives greatly, and they are SUPER excited to be gaining another sibling someday!  We have always desired to have a bigger family, and due to some different life experiences, we began to investigate adoption as a means to further enrich our family. Throughout this adoption process we have gained a greater appreciation for birth parents and the adoption process in general. We are so excited to adopt and we are eager to get to know you even more! Thank you for your time and consideration in this adoption journey!

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