A New Beginning Adoption Agency is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on the kindness of volunteers, grants and donations to ensure we can continue the important services we provide to birth families, adoptive families, adoptees and community education.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact admin@adoptanewbeginning.org.


As A New Beginning grows and expands their services, a wide array of events will occur and we’ll need help soliciting donations, collecting, delivering and or packing items, event set up, event take down, event registration, and do a variety of tasks at the events.

We are currently looking for volunteers to be part of the ANB Picnic committee for an event in September 2022 and the Adoption Month Event committee for the event in November 2022. If you are interested, contact ambers@adoptanewbeginning.org

Special Assignments

We have a multitude of projects coming up and we’ll need some generous professionals willing to photograph, make public service announcements,  IT advice and guidance etc, voice over, models etc.

Next Special Assignment – Poster and brochure distribution.  A New Beginning is rebranding the organization and will have professional posters and brochures to be delivered to our partners around the valley.  If you are able to deliver and/or make some connections to gain permission to hang posters, please email tina@adoptanewbeginning.org.    We will also be searching for individuals who have extensive reach on social media to also spread the word about our crisis pregnancy hotline and adoption services.

Speaker, presentations and panelists

We are in the community every week, sometimes more than once.  We also host several support groups for birth parents, youth adoptees and adoptive parents.  We are often looking for speakers or presenters who can bring their personal and/or professional knowledge to these groups.  If you are interested in being part of this program, please contact Becky at admin@adoptanewbeginning.org.

We also host several discussion panels per year, often made up of birth parents, adoptees and adoptive parents who have been through the journey.  The audience includes families who are considering adoption and may have decided on an adoption program but may still be considering both the U.S. Infant Adoption program or the Foster-Adoption Program.  Are you willing to share your story?   It’s amazing the number of people you’ll impact.