Expectant Parents Group for Foster-Adopt and International

Adoption Preparation Classes for families in the Foster-Adopt and International programs


The Adoption Preparation Classes provides a variety of topics directly related to the transition of an adopted child into their new home.  These classes are perfect for families who are in the foster-adopt program and international programs.  Understanding each of the topics and obtaining real skills and techniques to understand and implement can directly effect the success of your adoption.

Most of the below classes are $10 per person/per class to attend and count as 1.5 CEU’s.  These CEU’s can be applied to the annual 10 credits required to maintain a foster-care license.  Certificates of completion will be provided.

Extended Family for Foster-Adopt and International Families
July 14, 2020 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm   CLASS is reserved for A New Beginning Families

Bring your family and friends to learn about how they can support you as you bring a child with a trauma background into your family.  We will talk about transitioning your child into your family, adoption terminology, how much of your child’s story to tell others and ways your people can support you.   This is traditionally a class that fills quickly.  Please plan to RSVP with the total number you wish to bring.

Be prepared to fill out the below form and return to Stephanie (stephanie@adoptanewbeginning.org) prior to the event.  This form includes information about your extended family who will be coming with you.

Extended Family Class RSVP form

Let’s Talk About Sexual Abuse 
Monday, April 27, 2020  
6 pm – 7 pm
Reserve your spot here.

When adopting from foster care, parents understand that their child most likely was sexually abused or exposed to inappropriate sexual activity at some point in their lives. Knowing this, we need to ensure that our children understand safe sex, boundaries, and consent.  Taught by Amy Longchamps, LSW.

Trust-based relational intervention (TBRI) overview 
None scheduled at this time

Taught by Becky Marquez, LPC, MFTI, TBRI Practitioner, TBRI is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children or childre from “hard places.”  Each of these children have experienced abuse, neglect or trauma, making it difficult to trust others.  TBRI addresses the child’s physical needs, attachment needs, and tools to disarm fear-based behaviors.  TBRI is based on years of attachment, sensory processing and neuroscience research.  $30 per person or $50 per couple.

Navigating Openness
None scheduled at this time

Learn how you can maintain an open adoption with your child’s birth family and help set healthy boundaries and expectations.  Get practical tips to keep your child safe in a world of social media.  If you have a closed adoption with no hope of openness, learn how you can shape your child’s identity and answer their difficult questions about birth family.  $10 per person.  Counts as 1.5 CEU’s.

Preparing for Placement –  
None scheduled at this time

You will get practical tips for getting off to a strong start with your child.  You will receive a list of questions to ask the child’s foster parent to help with transition, learn more about the service plan and community resources and make a self-care plan.  $10 per person.  Counts as 1.5 CEU’s.

Sibling Preparation and Support-  
None scheduled at this time

Adding a child to your family can be especially stressful for the children already in your home.  This interactive class will give you and your kids the opportunity to talk about how to maintain and protect your relationship, develop a family safety plan and hear perspective from an adoptee about what it was like to join his adoptive family.  $10 per adoptive parent.  Counts as 1.5 CEU’s.

Sexual Abuse –  
2020 Schedule TBD

Using the 5 Steps to Protecting Our Children™ as a framework, Stewards of Children® is a two-hour training that teaches adults practical actions to prevent child sexual abuse or intervene if abuse is suspected. Featuring compelling and engaging content to motivate participants, the program is designed for parents, concerned individuals, and any adult that works with youth. Through Stewards of Children®, over 1,000,000 adults have been trained to protect children from sexual abuse.  Presenters are from the Boise State University Social Work department and fees have been waived for participants. Counts as 2 CEU’s.

Diagnoses – What do the letters really mean?
None scheduled at this time

This class will be presented by Greg Deitchler, MA, LMFT, LPC, an expert on Reactive Attachment Disorder and adolescent mental health.  He will be talking about the most common diagnoses as well as the behaviors that are often attached to them.  $10 per person.  Counts as 1.5 CEU’s.

Practical Attachment Tools Diagnosis Class –
None scheduled at this time

This class will be presented by Greg Deitchler, MA, LMFT, LPC.  Mr. Deitchler has worked with hundreds of children and parents as well as contracted with local schools to help with attachment and behaviors.  This class will provide practical tools to foster attachment between you and your child.  $10 per person.  Counts as 1.5 CEU’s.

Expectations, Reality, Triggers, Oh My!
None scheduled at this time

Everyone has their own reasons and expectations for adopting a waiting child.  What happens when expectations are not met?  What happens if you do not attach to your child?  What support do you need when your child’s behaviors and feelings trigger you?  This class will be taught by ANB’s counselor, a foster adoptee, an adoption specialist and an adoptive parent.  This class is for those waiting for their child or currently parenting a child with a trauma background.  $10 per person.  Counts as 1.5 CEU’s.