Expectant Parent's Group for Infant families

The Expectant Parents Group is specifically for parents adopting infants who are in the waiting phase of their Infant Adoption process. Quarterly meetings address a variety of topics specifically for adoptive families preparing for the placement of their child.   Many of the topics are included below.  A New Beginning consistently adds important topics, so visit our page frequently.

The expectant parents group isn’t limited to registered members, however, registered members are given priority reservations and seating for each seminar.

If you are a family currently in the waiting phase of your infant adoption and would like to become a member of the Expectant Parents Group, please email adopting@adoptanewbeginning.org.

Extended Family Class for Infant Program Families
July 23, 2020
7 pm – 8:30 pm

Bring your family and friends to learn about how they can support you as you bring a child with a trauma background into your family.  We will talk about transitioning your child into your family, adoption terminology, how much of your child’s story to tell others and ways your people can support you.   This is traditionally a class that fills quickly.  Please plan to RSVP with the total number you wish to bring.

Be prepared to fill out the below form and return to Stephanie (stephanie@adoptanewbeginning.org) prior to the event.  This form includes information about your extended family who will be coming with you.

Extended Family Class RSVP form

Taking Care of Yourself
2020 Schedule TBD
10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Reserve your spot at adopting@adoptanewbeginning.org

Self-care is often the first thing we take off of our to-do list and the last thing we consider as an important part of our day, week or month.  It’s important that you and your body is ready to handle what comes your way.  One of A New Beginning’s Wellness Center Counselors will talk about essential tips to maximize your mental and emotional health.  Most of the tips are free, easy and take little time to do.  Make yourself a priority and join us.

Your Hospital Experience
2020 Schedule TBD
Reserve your spot at adopting@adoptanewbeginning.org

Your hospital experience will be one you’ll never forget.  A New Beginning’s Infant Program staff and a guest speaker from the hospital  will discuss important details regarding the day your baby is born and what will take place.

Birth Parent Round Table
2020 Schedule TBD
Reserve your spot at adopting@adoptanewbeginning.org

Meet and talk with a group of birth parents who have been through their very own unique adoption journey.  It’s an incredible experience and opportunity.

Interview Skills with Birth Parents
2020 Schedule TBD  
3:15 pm – 5:00 pm
Reserve your spot at adopting@adoptanewbeginning.org

Your adoption journey goes through many stages and one might be a face to face interview with birth parents.  This class will prepare you for a match meeting/interview with birth parent(s).  We will cover tips for a successful meeting, questions to ask and not to ask, and things a birth parent(s) might ask you.  We will also do a mock interview to demonstrate the tips we provide.  While this is an incredible experience, its important to have some basic guidelines and understanding beforehand.  A New Beginning’s Infant Program staff will share some strategies and include role playing to prepare for your special meeting.