Congratulations on your match!

We’re Derrick and Audra. We met at a Bible Study and have been married for 6 years. Adoption has always been on our hearts and we are so excited for this next chapter in our lives.

We are inseparable and love spending time with each other whether we are cleaning our house or going out for dinner. We have two toy poodles and we love seeing their happy faces and wagging tails every day when we get home from work. We love Jesus and trust His plan for our lives.

We are comfortable with any level of openness and would love the opportunity to meet you!

About Audra:

  • I have a sensitive heart and find quality time to be the best gift one can give.
  • Tulips, orchids, and white hydrangeas bring me joy.
  • I could watch While You Were Sleeping and Father of the Bride once a week.
  • Orange and yellow Starbursts and Skittles really are the best.
  • When I’m in a bad mood, listening to Rascal Flatts somehow makes everything better.
  • Nothing is better than taking a nap.
  • I love to decorate, craft, and bake.
  • I love to travel and explore. I often pack so much into our trips that we need a vacation from our vacation.

About Derrick:

  • I try not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy learning as I go.
  • Playing basketball is something I will do until I can’t walk.
  • I have seen Office Space and Tommy Boy 100 times and still laugh at every joke.
  • I take my coffee black, the stronger the better.
  • When I see something I like, I always think about making it myself first.
  • Riding my bike to work brings me more joy than it really should.

.         Star Wars is so much better than Star Trek

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