Hi, we are David and Kajsa. Our life’s foundation is built on love, family, faith, nature, learning, and laughter.

Our story together begins when we met on a beach at Priest Lake six years ago. It was a romantic surprise to find our soulmate in the middle of nowhere. We got married two years later at a ranch outside of Coeur d’Alene. We are very happy together and thankful.

We make our relationship a priority and don’t take each other for granted. We have good communication, common values and interests, and faith. We provide support to each other in hard times, and enjoy the best times in life together.

Kajsa has spent most of her life in Idaho. She’s a warm and caring person who is very dedicated to her family and friends. She grew up with two brothers and spent a lot of her childhood reading books and running around outside. David is originally from Michigan. He is a kind, gentle man with a lot of curiosity and humor. He grew up with two sisters and spent much of his time as a kid skateboarding.

David has worked in wildlife management for the State of Idaho five years, and currently works on wetlands habitat for birds and other wildlife. Kajsa has worked on water quality and fish habitat for the State of Idaho more than ten years. Both of us enjoy our work because it’s challenging, and we feel happy to help take care of Idaho’s environment and wildlife. We live in north Idaho in the country overlooking a river, lake, and surrounded by natural beauty.

We really enjoy time outdoors and have an active, healthy life. We like biking, fishing, swimming, boating, etc. – just about anything that gets us outside. We also love spending time with our family and friends. We are close with our extended family on both sides, and have a strong group of supportive friends. We love movies, music, BBQs, travel, and our goofy dog Junebug.

We are so looking forward to building our family through adoption. We are hoping for an open adoption and having a relationship. We are open to visits, calls, letters, and exchanging photos. We will also consider a semi-open or closed adoption, and are flexible depending on what you prefer.

We appreciate you getting to know us, and we profoundly appreciate the love and strength it takes for you to consider an adoption plan.

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