Update May 1, 2020

As Idaho is gradually phasing its way back to a new normal, A New Beginning is following state guidelines and will continue to only do business face to face when necessary.  Thus far, our use of technology has made it possible to continue adoption services and in some cases, increase support to our families.  We continue to meet with birth mothers in person in a private and disinfected office by appointment. 

A New Beginning anticipates returning to a new normal on June 1.  At that time, we will share with families what to expect with office hours and when visiting the office and other in person appointments.  As always, we appreciate your patience.


We continue to work with current and new birth mothers, including in person when necessary, in a secure, properly disinfected area located in our office.   Our Adoption Specialists continue to maintain ongoing relationships with proper personnel in hospitals and will advise adoptive families and birth families of any changes to hospital plans at the proper time.

May’s Infant Training via Zoom is full and happening this weekend.  The next training is July 31-August 1.

We have converted adoptive parent profile books to pdf’s for efficient electronic transmission.   IF you would like to send in your original pdf document of your profile book, please send to your caseworker.  MAKE SURE THE PDF YOU SEND DOES NOT HAVE A PASSWORD TO THE DOCUMENT


Despite ban on international travel and the USCIS office being closed, we continue to work on the home study process and move it forward as much as we can.   As of May 1, the USCIS office is still closed.  The USCIS closure could cause significant delays in the adoption process and we understand that is frustrating and difficult.  We encourage all international families to remain closely connected to their International Adoption Agency for regular updates.


Your adoption specialists continue to work with the children’s caseworkers across the nation, completing your home study documents, child inquiries, and post placement services.  In person meetings will continue to be done via video conference and or postponed to a later date.  We encourage you to continue searching and submitting your child inquiries from the child listing websites.  Due to various state’s stay-at-home orders and/or the impact of COVID-19 on their community, it’s realistic to expect some delays in response time from various child caseworkers.  

The next foster-adopt training is scheduled for June 12-13.   It still has NOT been determined if this training will be in person or via Zoom.  The deadline for application and application fee is May 22.  If you need the application, click here.


Our Wellness Center Counselor Becky Marquez, LPC, TBRI Practitioner has established TeleMental Health as an option for current clients and new clients.  To schedule an appointment please call 208-918-1058.  This service is available to individuals with Medicaid and private pay.


A New Beginning will be using the ZOOM platform for our video conferencing.  We encourage families to go ahead and download the app ahead of time so you are prepared to login when it’s necessary.  It’s a free app.  

Other important notes to keep in mind

  • If pregnant, or a hospital – please call 208-985-5617
  • To schedule a TeleMentalHealth counseling appointment, call 208-918-1058
  • All support group meetings scheduled March 15 – until further notice, will be held via zoom. Please visit our website to get the contact information to become part of the group.
  • The monthly Adoption Information Seminars will be held via Zoom until further notice.  Visit our Facebook page’s event tab for registration information.  The next general Adoption Information Seminar is May 5.  Register here.
  • We have added a Foster-Adopt Information Seminar via Zoom specifically for families who are interested in adopting older children or sibling groups from the foster-care system.  We’ll have a Foster-Adopt specialist facilitating the seminar and a family who has been through the process to share their experience and answer questions.   Register here.
  • The Peer Mentor Connections Group –has been cancelled until further notice.  Please visit our website calendar for dates.
  • Post placement visits will be conducted via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Your caseworker will work with you to schedule and set up.
  • If you need to contact your caseworker, we encourage you to email them first. Next, you are welcome to call 208-939-3865select option 5 for the staff directory, type in the first few letters of your adoption specialist’s first name.  Please note Laraine and Kara M are not listed on the phone directory.  If you have NOT been assigned a caseworker (refer to your eAdopt account), please reach out to Keri or Tina with questions.
  • Keri, Administrative Assistant – admin@adoptanewbeginning.org
  • Amber Kidd, Foster-Adopt Program Coordinator – hopebegins@adoptanewbeginning.org
  • Amy Longchamps, Adoption Specialist – amy@adoptanewbeginning.org
  • Becky Marquez, Counseling – becky@anbwellnesscenter.org
  • Cara Walsh, Infant Program/Birth Mother Coordinator – cara@adoptanewbeginning.org
  • Kaitlyn Judy, Adoption Specialist – adopting@adoptanewbeginning.org
  • Kara McAfee, Adoption Specialist – karam@adoptanewbeginning.org
  • Laraine Merrill, Adoption Specialist- laraine@adoptanewbeginning.org
  • Quincy Budell, quincy@adoptanewbeginning.org
  • Tina Kierce, Marketing – tina@adoptanewbeginning.org


  • Caseworkers and adoption specialists are still processing paperwork, managing waiting list and working with birth mothers.  We understand the importance and sensitivity that surrounds your adoption.  We are fortunate to be able to work remotely.
  • Note if you have paperwork to drop off, feel free to put it in the mail or place in the secure drop box outside of our front door on Emerald. We have individual staff members who will be onsite several times per week to collect and process mail.
  • Don’t forget, you can continue to work on your paperwork through the eAdopt portal.
  • If you have fees due and would like to process those, please do so on our website, through this link.  Select the “PAY FEES” button.
  • SELF-CARE, SELF-CARE, SELF-CARE, check out this blog for easy daily options to take care of yourself.

We will continue to keep everyone updated on what’s happening at A New Beginning Adoption Agency.  Stay Well.

A New Beginning Management