Hello! We are Chris and Jessica, welcome to our family page! Thank you for taking time to look through our profile. We are honored to be considered along your journey. Here are some things to know about us:
  • We like long, moonlit walks on the beach…just kidding! But we really do enjoy hiking in the foothills with our 4-year-old lab, Bela. We also like to camp, enjoy live music or sports, and connect with family and friends. Traveling and experiencing new places and cultures is one of our favorite things to do together, especially if we get to eat ice cream or yummy foods along the way!
  • Chris was born and raised in Cyprus (Mediterranean island). He is fluent in Greek and English. He is goofy, positive, caring, steady, faithful, and loving. He can be friends with anyone and is a man of integrity.
  • Jessica is originally from Montana and grew up playing on the rivers and in the mountains. She is thoughtful, intelligent, passionate, forgiving and fiercely loyal.
  • We met in Boise and became good friends. Eventually, Chris convinced Jessica to go out on a date, and the rest is history! We have been married for over 7 years and still learn new things about each other as we journey through life.
  • Our faith is a significant part of who we are and we seek to reflect the Christian values of sacrificial love, compassion, hope, and grace demonstrated in our faith. We are involved in our local church and grateful for this wonderful community.
  • Chris helps manage a local agriculture business and plays in a professional band in his free time. Jessica currently works for a Christian non-profit organization mentoring college students and is in graduate school to become a school counselor.
  • Our family is one of the greatest sources of strength, love, and encouragement for us. We have family in Boise and overseas, and we are grateful to stay connected and close, despite physical distance.
Long before we met, we both had a desire to have children. Because of circumstances beyond our control, we are medically unable to have biological children. The challenges we have faced have only strengthened our marriage and the desire to be parents has not waivered. We are excited about the opportunity of welcoming children into our family through adoption!
We believe something beautiful is about to begin and we look forward to the journey with much hope. Thank you for your loving and sacrificial heart to create an adoption plan for your child and for taking time to get to know us. We admire your strength and support you in making the best decisions possible for you and your baby.
Chris and Jessica

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