Thank you for clicking our names- we are Andre and Julia. We honor your choices and admire your courage to consider placement. We will try to briefly introduce ourselves and look forward to the potential of meeting you one day! We are a family of two humans and a corgi. We met in 2009 and have been together since 2010. We love each other and have always dreamed of growing our family by adoption.

We are fortunate to have family members surrounding the area that will be involved in loving our children.

About Julia:

  • Julia is a teacher in the social sciences and have a flexible schedule to be there for our growing family.
  • Julia is extraverted and likes to be with family and friends often. This is balanced out by Andre being on the more introverted side. Our family has a good mix of both.
  • Most of Julia’s clothing has some kind of fun sleeve, pattern, or bright color involved. Andre is the opposite: grey and neutrals all the way.
  • As a parent, Julia is looking forward to supporting her children through good times and bad and will provide them with a sense of humor. She is very good at not taking herself too seriously.

About Andre:

  • Andre is a software engineer and can finish a Rubix cube.
  • A fan of Wonka Candy, Andre does not like chocolate but does have a sweet tooth.
  • Andre is kind and patient and cannot wait to get to know the passions of our future child.

About Poppy (Our dog)

  • Poppy is the smallest corgi on the planet (we think). At only 12 pounds, she is the cutest thing.
  • Poppy LOVES children and plays gently with our extended family and friend’s children.
  • Poppy loves peanut butter, Gilmore Girls, hates squirrels, and enjoys being with family.

Thank you.

We want to thank you for taking time to read our brief bio. We are happy to meet you and get to know you, however we can leave you with a few key statements about our family. As a couple we are solid and always support each other. We believe that kindness, support, and love is the key to a successful family. As parents, we intend to be there for our children and provide them with every opportunity we can (ex: college, extra curricular activities, travel). We would never claim to be perfect, however we do our best to be good people.




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