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Dear Birth Parent(s),

Although we don’t know you yet, we are thrilled to even have  the chance of being on this journey with you. We hope that our profile tells you more about us.

We live in Washington, DC, our nation’s capital, where we first met in 2014 and built our lives together. We started dating in 2016, when Alex was recovering from an injury and Theo stepped in to care for him. Alex has never stopped admiring Theo’s kindness.

Alex is a pediatrician who knows how to care for children, but Theo’s the first one you see playing with the wandering toddler at a gathering of friends.

Theo is a college professor shaping young people’s minds. He does not earn over-time when teaching Alex how to load the dishwasher.

Our families (Minnesotan and Bulgarian) are far from D.C. but are constantly in touch. Our parents are role models for us in how to raise strong, happy kids, and we see them many times a year.

Theo’s dream from youth was to move to the US for college. He started in Texas and added three more states before landing in Washington, DC, for his job. Even without doctors in the family, Alex knew as a youngster that he wanted to study medicine. Through the high and lows with patients and families, he feels privileged to go to work every day.

Theo is a runner. Alex is a swimmer. One of these moves faster than the other.

We love spending hours in the kitchen because a home that smells like dinner really feels like home. Sharing food with friends and family is our favorite routine.

Alex and Theo both like to surprise each other with date ideas. Alex is good at not asking. Theo is good at not spoiling the surprise.

Alex’s engagement gift for Theo in 2018 was taking a class together, Maybe Baby. Even before taking the class, both of us knew that adoption is the best way to expand our family. We would like to raise a child with a strong sense of their roots. Honoring their identity will be central to our job as parents.

Since you clicked on our profile, we hope that this may be the beginning of you getting to know us. Consider our lives as an open book to you, because your role is the foundation of our biggest dream.



Alex & Theo

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