Adoptive Parent Profile Books

Below is a list of Adoptive Parent Profile books.  Most of all, each of these families wish to grow their families through adoption and understand the incredible decision and sacrifice you are making for your baby.  It is an honor to be considered part of your adoption journey.

Each of these families have met extensive evaluations by the state and our agency, including a background criminal history check, a thorough home evaluation (also known as a home study) including an onsite home inspection, extensive interviews with parents and possibly extended family, gathered references, and obtained medical and counseling evalutions.  Each have attended a 2-day adoption/parenting training course and may have attended additional educational classed offered through the agency.

Each of the adopted parent profiles are password protected.  Your caseworker will provide the passwords only to the family’s profiles who meet your specified criteria.  Don’t hesitate to ask additional questions.


B MICHAEL & BECCA – Have Matched


TOM & SARAH – waiting for profile

TAYLOR & EMILY – waiting for profile


KYLE & ELIZA – waiting on profile


NATALIE & CANDICE – waiting for profile

KARL & COCO – waiting for profile

KEVIN & Lauren – waiting for profile

MORGAN & SAUL – waiting for profile

TIAGO & LEANA – waiting for profile