Support for Adoptive Families, Birth Families and Adoptees

An adoption is a journey with many experiences along the way.  A New Beginning understands the importance of having professionals, peers and other adoptive families in your circle or community.   We have developed multiple avenues for adoptive families, birth families and adoptees to connect with others will like adoption experiences either face to face or through their digital world.

Adoptive Moms Support Group

Adoptive Mom’s Support Group

Adoptive Mom’s who have had a child placed in their home or Mom’s who have completed a home study and waiting for child placement is invited to our group.  Our Mom Tribe is the perfect place to connect to others who have an adoption journey.  Building your community, learn for each other and group leader Becky Marquez, adoptive parent, licensed professional counselor and trauma-based TBRI practitioner.

Led by Becky Marquez, LPC, Adoptive Mother, Foster Mother
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Adoptive Dads Support Group logo

Adoptive Dad’s Support Group

DANA (Dad’s Are Not Alone)
Meets twice monthly via Zoom on Tuesday evenings

Perfect for fathers of adopted children.  It doesn’t matter which adoption program, adoptive fathers can connect.  Topics vary, but remains a safe, fun and connective space.

Led by Sally Guyer, MSW
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Piecing it all together picture

Adult Adoptee Support Group – Piecing it together

May 20 will be A New Beginning’s first adult adoptee support group and it’s open to any adoptee who wants to connect to others.  Magaly Perez, born in Mexico will lead the group and is excited about sharing her story and inviting others to comment, discuss and open up about their own.

The group is a safe space.  Adoption is a roller-coaster, you go through a lot of emotions you your life.  Sharing your story with a group of people that have gone through and are still going through a difficult time or similar situation can help greatly.

It’s FREE, RSVP to for the Zoom link.

Groups plans to meet monthly.  Virtually to begin with and then venture into hybrid with some in-person opportunities.

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Youth Adoptee Support Group Logo

Youth Adoptee Support Group – YANA

The Youth Adoptee Support Group a.k.a. YANA provides a safe place for developing friendships, leadership, learning together and meeting like experienced humans and focusing on connection!  It’s perfect for adopted youth ages 8-12 years old.

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of A New Beginning’s new and improved Youth Adoptee Support Group, YANA.  YANA (You Are Not Alone) is a support group for youth adoptees that focuses on connection.  The connection is with other youth adoptees who relate to the unique adoption experiences.  The Youth Adoptee Support Group is a safe place to connect, have fun and most of all, realize YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Living in a world that is filled with negativity it is important to have a community of people who uplift and fill you. We are planning on meeting twice a month over Zoom due to COVID 19. We have activities planned for each night. We can’t wait to meet and connect with your kids!

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