Infant Adoption

Adopting newborns and babies

Who are the adoptable infants?

A New Beginning’s Infant Adoption Program places newborns and infants with home study approved adoptive families.  We work with birth families who have selected an adoption plan for their babies, other adoption professionals including adoption attorneys, as well as with other agencies who are looking for qualified adoptive families.

Within the Infant Adoption Program it is most common for the birth family to select the adoptive family based on adoptive parent profiles.

General Adoptive Parent Requirements

  • Adoptive Parents must be at least 25 years of age
  • Single, married, or 2 yr+ partnership
  • Idaho resident or 
  • Out-of-state families with an approved home study
infant adoption program

Adoptive Parent Training Requirements

A New Beginning Adoption Specialists believe proper training and education for adoptive parents is essential to ensure the most successful child placement, a healthy adoption and positive family transition.   The 12 hours of required training will be completed over a two or three day period. The Infant Adoption Program training sessions are offered once per quarter.  Click here for the next training date.  Both parent(s) are required to attend.  Important parenting and adoption topics covered include the following:

  • Adoption Openness/Relationship
  • Establishing positive relationships with the birth family
  • Legal process and issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Attachment styles and issues
  • Interactive adoption panels with adoptive parents, birth families and adoptees

The Steps of your Adoption Journey

24/7 Confidential Pregnancy Helpline

Text or call: 208-985-5617

First Steps

Home Study Process

  • Pay the home study fee
  • Complete home study paperwork
  • Have meetings with your Adoption Specialist
  • Have an approved home inspection done

While You Wait

  • Pay the program fee and join the program
  • Complete your Adoptive Parent Profile
  • Participate in support groups
  • Be selected to be interviewed by birth parents

Placement & Finalization

  • Once a match is made, pay the match fee
  • Develop a relationship agreement between you and the birth parents
  • Prepare for the hospital
  • Baby is born!
  • Child is placed with you
  • Complete at least 2 post placement visits
  • Finalize your adoption! (5-6 months after baby is placed with you)