Foster-Adoption Program

Finding Forever Families for children in Foster Care

U.S. Foster-Adoption Program

Over 114,000 children (which is only 1/3 of the children in Foster-Care) are waiting in the United States Foster Care System to be united with a forever family to call their own.  These waiting children can not be reunited with their biological families.  The foster-adopt children range in ages and are single children and/or sibling groups. There is a strong need for families in this program. A New Beginning provides families with the adoption education and support needed to have a healthy and successful adoptive placement.

  • Children ranging in age from 2-18
  • Single children
  • Sibling groups
  • All races
  • Reside in foster homes from 1-4 years
  • Survivors of abuse and neglect

General Adoptive Parent Requirements

  • Adoptive Parents should be at least 25 years of age
  • Adoptive Parents must be at least 15 years older than the child they adopt
  • Single, married, 2 yr+ partnerships and LGBT
  • Children currently residing in the home must be at least 6 years old
  • Idaho Resident


Training Requirements

Each adoptive family is required to attend a two-day training, with A New Beginning to best prepare the family for the most positive child placement.  An additional 17 hours of independent training with be assigned and required as well as participation in monthly support group activities.  The 2-day training includes topics addressed below, but not limited to

  • attachment issues
  • trauma
  • transition and blending families
  • grief and loss
  • abuse situations
  • parenting styles and techniques
  • identfying behaviors and management techniques

In person 2-day trainings are provided 3-4 times per year.   Visit here for dates.

Topic and suggestions for independent learning will be provided by your adoption specialist.  Onsite TBRI (Trust-based relational intervention) classes can replace selected portions of the independent work.  Visit this page for the next scheduled class.  The completion of all training is required prior to advancing to the home study stage of your adoption journey.   Both parent(s) are required to attend.

Additonal Support and Training

Families adopting through the Foster-Adopt program can take one or all of the adoption preparation classes to better prepare themselves for a successful adoption and placement, maintain their foster-care license and obtain CEU’s.


What to expect during your Foster-Adoption process

  • Attend information seminar
  • Application process and interviews
  • Adoptive Parent Training
  • Monthly Support Group meetings
  • Home Study by a licensed Social Worker
  • Support from your Foster-Adopt Program Coordinator throughout the nationwide search of potential child or sibling group placements, child match process and ICPC
  • Program Coordinator to function as liaison between adoptive family and the child’s state social worker.
  • Agency Counselor to address attachment, transition and/or specific issues related to your unique adoption
  • Child Placement
  • Post placement visits
  • Finalization
  • On-going support for children, parents and siblings

Next Step to start your adoption

Foster-care licensed families

Each of the families in A New Beginning’s Foster-Adopt program will become Foster-care licensed families due to the extensive training required for our program.  While families will be licensed to provide Foster-Care in Idaho, they are not expected to foster first and then adopt.  Families will be adopting children from a foster-home who are in need of a permanent family.  Fostering the children first is not required.   Idaho requires foster-care licensed families to receive 10 hours of education each year to maintain their license.  Below are classes offered by A New Beginning and are relevant to your adoption of older children, siblings groups, or children with special needs.