LGBT Adoption

Building families through adoption

Creating family is a miracle, no matter  through biology, science or by choice.

A New Beginning Adoption Agency has been building families through adoption since 2004.  Our Idaho-based adoption agency proudly embraces that all families are unique.  Families are more unique now than they have ever been in the United States.  We have two goals in adoption.  First, to find loving, dedicated and qualified parent/parents for older adoptable children in the foster-care system, and adoptive families for newborn babies through our infant program.  Secondly, to help couples, same-sex couples and single adults realize their dreams of becoming parents and creating their own families.

Below are some of the most common questions related to LGBT/gay and lesbian adoptions.   If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out at admin@adoptanewbeginning.org, call 208-939-3865 or use the website form on the page to the right.

Can same-sex couples adopt?

Yes, same-sex couples can adopt.  There is research that shows 3 – 4% of all adoptions in the United States are those of gay and lesbian parents.  The number of families continues to grow as more LGBT families reach out to adoption agencies to create their families.  A New Beginning Adoption Agency is actively accepting same-sex applicants for both the Foster-Adopt Program and the Infant Program.

lgbt adoption

Is it more difficult to adopt if we are a gay or lesbian couple?

No.  It is not more difficult to adopt for gay or lesbian couples.   At A New Beginning, we have found that same-sex couples do not wait any longer to be selected for child placement than traditional couples or singles.    In some adoption situations, same-sex couples are requested as potential parents.

The process for adoption is the same for gay and lesbian couples as it is for traditional couples.

Can gay and lesbian couples adopt an infant or newborn?

A New Beginning’s Infant Adoption program works directly with birth families who are choosing an adoption plan for their babies.   The birth families get to choose the adoptive family they want to parent their child. Each of the birth families have their own stories and are searching for a unique family who is special for their child. Many of our birth families are open to and/or request same-sex families to parent their babies.

Visit our schedule for the next Infant Program information seminar via Zoom.

Can gay and lesbian couples adopt children from the Foster Care system?

There are over 400,000 children in the United States Foster-Care System.  114,000 of those children will NOT be reunited with their biological family and are waiting to be permanently adopted.  A New Beginning’s Foster-Adopt program works directly with Child welfare workers in each state.   A New Beginning’s Foster-Adopt team works cooperatively with over 4000 child caseworkers to help find forever families for the waiting children.   The average age of the waiting child is 8 years of age.  Many of the children are part of a sibling group and or a teenager.  The most vulnerable children in the Foster-Adopt system are teenagers and at risk for aging out of the system.

Research supports that LGBT families have a variety of strengths when parenting children in foster care such as an ability to identify with difficult feelings, and feelings of isolation…” (McRoy, Ayers-Lopez, AdoptUSKids Educaton Team & University of Texas at Austin, 2010).

A New Beginning Adoption Agency is actively looking for more gay and lesbian parents for the Foster-Adopt program.  Visit our program page here.

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Can gay and lesbian couples adopt internationally?

Sometimes.  International adoption programs are mainly governed by the specific country’s rules and regulations.  In most cases, the international country will not permit same-sex couples to adopt.  We encourage families interested in adopting internationally to research their country of interest thoroughly to identify the very specific criteria for adoptive families.


We are a same-sex couple but not married, can we still adopt together?

Yes.  We help families who have been in a partnerships of at least 2 years or more go through the adoption process.  You would be presented as a couple adopting together.

Can a single who is gay or lesbian adopt?

Yes.  Both infant and foster-adopt programs welcome single parents, regardless of their sexual orientation to apply to the program.  Both programs have adoption situations that may work successfully with a single parent household.

International adoptions are different and vary from country to country.   While many countries may allow singles to enter their programs, it is strictly based on the discretion of the individual country.  If you are interested in adopting a child as a single parent from a specific country, please reach out to an international adoption agency that specializes in a specific country’s adoptions.

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Are gay adoption laws different in each state?

Yes.  While federally, gay adoption is legal in all 50 states, each state has its own laws, rules and regulations.  A New Beginning Adoption Agency is a LGBT friendly agency and has experience working with gay and lesbian families.  We also work with attorneys who are experienced with LGBT adoptions.  Check out LGBT Adoption Laws by State.

Will the adopted children be impacted differently if they are adopted by a gay or lesbian couple?

Possibly, but not likely negatively.  Research from the American Academy of Pediatrics supports that children adopted by same-sex parents mature and grow up as successfully as children with opposite-sex parents.  Additional research shows that same-sex couples are often more open-minded, sympathetic and understanding.  These characteristics are very beneficial in the child’s life as they grow and explore their own identity and adoption and the same skill set is often a characteristic passed to the child.

Are there resources or support services available for same-sex couples?

Yes.   A New Beginning Adoption Agency encourages all of it’s families to participate in the online support groups, in-person support groups, trainings and events with other families (both traditional, LGBT and singles parents) throughout each year.   We can also help families connect to one another in specific situations.

Additional online resources include:
Family Equality Council:  https://www.familyequality.org
Colage:  https://www.colage.org
Human Rights Campaign:  https://www.hrc.org/explore/topic/adoption

How do we get started with our adoption?

To get started with your adoption,

  • Register for one or more of our information seminars via Zoom to gather some information about specific programs.  Visit here for the schedule.

A New Beginning is looking forward to guiding your family through their adoption journey!