International Adoptions

Adopting children from another country

International Program Partnerships

A New Beginning provides home study services, post placement and post adoption services to Idaho residents.  We partner with agencies nationwide and have home study and post placement agreements in place in an effort to provide essential services required for international adoptions.

General Adoptive Parent Requirements

  • Adoptive Parents minimum age is 25 years old – each International country has its own age requirements.
  • Specific Program eligibility is determined by your International agency

Training Requirements

Being fully prepared and educated on the possibilities and situations in adoption are essential to a successful adoption. A New Beginning Adoption Agency requires it’s International Program families will attend a training either virtually or in person which spans a 3 day period. Visit here for future dates.  Also, refer to your international adoption agency for additional required training.  Most of the International Adoption Agencies provide specific web-training for their families.   If you need additional training, contact A New Beginning to determine if we are offering essential training that can be used for your International Agency.

Agency Partnerships

A New Beginning has partnered with many international agencies to provide state side services/requirements for Idaho families.  Below are a sample of countries we continue to work with.  Note the list isn’t all inclusive, just a sample.

Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Ukraine, Samoa, Burundi, China, Colombia, Philippines, Congo, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and India.

What to expect from your International Adoption process

  • Attend an information seminar
  • Application process and interviews
  • 2-day Adoption Training and required training by International Adoption Agency
  • Open discussions about various international adoption programs and countries
  • Home Study process*
  • Adoption Specialists to address attachment and transition issues
  • Post placement support
  • Child specific service plan

*PLEASE BE AWARE – USCIS (United States CIS) and International Adoption Agencies do not accept Certified Adoption Professional (CAP) home studies.

Next step to begin your international home study or post-placement supervision services

24/7 Confidential Pregnancy Helpline

Text or call: 208-985-5617