Embryo Adoption Home Study and Training Services

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What is Embryo Adoption?

Embryo Adoption is the legal adoption of embryos that have been frozen and donated by families who have completed their own IVF (invitro fertilization). The genetic families often have remaining embryos and have the option to donate them to other families wishing to grow their families.   While this form of adoption is a fairly new way to build your family, the program continues to grow in the United States and is part of the Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) family.   It allows the adoptive mother to experience pregnancy and delivery of her baby. A home study will be required for intended parents (parents who are adopting the embryo).

Legally the embryo donor can transfer ownership or full responsibility over to an adoptive family using a contract or an informed consent agreement.  The adopted embryos can then be medically transferred to the womb of the adoptive mother or to a chosen surrogate of the adoptive family in hopes of a successful pregnancy.

Video provided by Embryo Adoption Awareness.  Visit their website (https://www.embryoadoption.org/) for more great educational videos about the Embryo Donation/Adoption process.

General requirements of Adoptive Parents

The requirements vary from state to state and depend on the embryo bank from which you adopt.

Training requirements for an embryo adoption

The requirements vary from state to state and depend on the embryo bank from which you adopt.  Embryo clinics often recommended and/or require adoptive parents to attend adoptive parent training through a local adoption agency.

A New Beginning adoption agency provides adoptive parent training 4-8 times per year.  The most applicable training is the infant adoption program training as it addresses openness, how you’ll discuss your child’s journey into the world and their family, anticipated identify questions in the future and how to address those.

What to expect in the adoption process

  • Inquire through admin@adoptanewbeginning.org
  • Application process and interviews
  • Adoption Training (may be required by Embryo Adoption Clinic)
  • Home Study Evaluation
  • Post placement reports (if required)

Your selected embryo bank and fertility clinic will provide additional steps directly related to their service.

Who will be involved in my adoption?

  • Embryo donation/adoption clinic
  • Reproductive/Infertility doctor/clinic
  • Home Study Agency
  • Training provider

Next Steps for the adoption process

  1. email admin@adoptanewbeginning.org
  2. Complete your application paperwork through the eAdopt parent portal
  3. Complete your home study