It is with great respect for you and your love for your baby that we share a little bit about ourselves and our family.
We are Kimi, Adam, and Oscar (our four-legged child who basically runs our house). Kimi is from Pocatello and came to Boise to attend graduate school in social work over a decade ago. She has a counseling practice and specializes in working with individuals who have experienced trauma. A large part of her family still lives in the Pocatello area on and around their family potato farm and cattle ranch, where we often visit to ride horses and play with nieces and nephews.
Adam is from Portland, Oregon and after stints in New Hampshire, Atlanta, and the Dominican Republic for school and work moved to Boise for medical training. He is a Family Practice Doctor with a focus on caring for elderly and Spanish-speaking patients. His family mostly lives in Oregon and his mom recently moved to eastern Washington in anticipation of her first grandchild.
We live close to downtown Boise and are fortunate to have a large support system of family and friends close by that is excited to welcome a baby into their hearts and lives.  We enjoy sharing quality time with loved ones, traveling (both near and far), and hiking in the foothills with Oscar.
Kimi is funny, sassy and loves to play games; Adam is witty, thoughtful and endlessly curious.  Oscar is playful and loves to run, stopping only for snuggles and belly rubs (and possibly some treats!). Some of Kimi’s interests include salsa dancing and art projects that explore her soulful side. Adam loves to ski, mountain bike and practices mindfulness meditation.  Our house is often filled with music, laughter, and good company.
We are excited to raise a child in the loving family that we have worked hard to build.  We love community and would love to welcome you into ours in whatever way feels best to you. We wish you an ease of knowing as you move forward in choosing a family to raise your baby.
~Kimi and Adam

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