Hello, we are authors in our late thirties who remain best friends despite having married at only twenty-one and twenty years old. Adam loves how kind, tenderhearted, and adventurous Andrea is. She loves Adam’s kind sense of humor, his thoughtful insights, his reliability, and how he holds himself to high standards of right and wrong yet he offers others respect and compassion. Andrea loves children, the color purple, praise and worship music, and pets. Our elderly cat, Joybell, is shy but affectionate with her people. Andrea volunteers by teaching a church preschool class. She also enjoys baking special treats and cooking healthy family meals. Adam wears kilts in honor of his Scottish heritage. In addition to writing, Adam hosts a popular podcast and works for a bank. Andrea is preparing to be a stay-at-home mom.
As established Boise residents, we love to visit the city park near our home, the Green Belt, the zoo, Idaho Botanical Gardens, and trails. We are geeks who love many Sci-Fi books, movies, and TV shows. We got into entering races despite our eighteen-minute miles to raise funds for AIDS orphans in India. We hope to share our love of books and the outdoors with our future child. Family game night would be fun.
Faithfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ is the most important thing to us in life. Yet we also value grace and breaking free from man-made molds.
Adoption has always been on our hearts, and we are open to you and your family knowing your child as they grow up. No matter what past choices you may have made, we’ll seek to give you grace, kindness, and respect.
Thank you,
Adam and Andrea

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